With the Leadership Letter method, we have found an innovative way to work continuously and publicly on improving leadership. Felix Frei wrote a monthly management letter to customers who had subscribed to it from 2006 onwards. Such a letter always consisted of one and a half to two pages at most and was distributed as a PDF in the respective company or made available to all managers on the intranet. The topics of the management letters were selected by the author. They are arbitrarily taken from life and deal with important aspects of daily management work. Those who read the letters won‘t be able to tell their age: Generic leadership themes seem to defy the zeitgeist. For this reason, the German letters are to be published here every Friday from 2018 onwards. Oldies but Goldies – so to speak.

Text by Felix Frei 
Cartoons by Silvio Erni

All 99 Leadership Letters can be purchased in German and English as PDF files for applications in corporate leadership development.

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