Creating momentum for the common reflection of leadership

The methodology of Leadership Letters represents an innovative approach to improving leadership in a sustained and visible manner. Felix Frei composes a monthly Leadership Letter for those of our clients who have subscribed to this service. The Letter is up to two pages long and is distributed electronically to all leaders in the relevant organisation.

Each Leadership Letter addresses a key topic or issue chosen by the author. The issues are taken from real life and touch on important aspects of everyday leadership. Leaders in your company will read each issue and meet monthly in an informal setting to exchange ideas, experiences and insights triggered by the letter.

Depending on the group, the discussion should be led by someone from the top or senior management of your company. The author of the Leadership Letters will not be present, as the letters are not meant to convey textbook learning but rather to serve as an impetus for the constructive exchange of ideas.

All 99 Leadership Letters have been published in three volumes which can be ordered here. If you would like to have a first taste of these, you may want to take a look at the following pages (German 1–33 and English 1–33, German 34–66 and English 34–66 as well as German 67-99 and English 67-99).

Those who read the letters won‘t be able to tell their age: Generic leadership themes seem to defy the zeitgeist. For this reason, the letters are to be published here every Friday from 2018 onwards (German only!). Oldies but goldies – so to speak.