Leadership and its expectations 

iScreen is a computer-based process for the interactive screening of leadership competency. The methodology is based on a structured understanding of a company’s explicitly formulated expectations of its leaders. This provides iScreen with a clear und sound frame of reference with regard to relevant leadership competency in the client’s company.

This frame of reference for leadership is developed jointly with AOC, and may be based on existing concepts in the given company, e.g. leadership guidelines or principles.

With iScreen we connect the individual self-reflective activities of leaders with expectations deriving from the point of view of the organisation. In contrast to the often rather cumbersome and rigid application of highly detailed and specified competency models, iScreen is a flexible and innovative alternative to elicit and reflect leadership competency. iScreen enables an individual leader’s self-perception (of the present and future state of their competency) to be matched with the perceptions of relevant partners (e.g. superiors, team members, peers, other stakeholders in and outside the company).

Here is where the intentions (of the leader) and effects (on the part of their partners) meet. iScreen stimulates reflection on leadership perspectives and supports deliberate and meaningful development of leadership behaviour.